The data-driven IT-talent acquisition platform

Matches based on real data

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Looking for a IT-talent?

Searching for IT-talent is a time-consuming and frustrating process for both recruiters and candidates.

We work together with universities, which enables your organization to come into contact with this difficult to reach target group.

How does TINKR work?

How does it work?

Save money and time

  1. Create your own unique company page to show IT-talents what your company is about.
  2. Create unlimited job offers
  3. TINKR will give you data-driven matches >80%
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Focus on the essentials

Rapid technological change requires new adaptive ways to obtain new skills.

  • We offer talents industry oriented trainings and courses
  • 1 universal language for skill-levels, competences, knowledge, and proficiency
  • Helps to find the right person for the job

TINKR gets you from A to B.

Benefits for talents

TINKR for students


  • IT-talents only
  • Company branding to IT-talents
  • Automated matchmaking service for optimized acquisition
  • SaaS-mode and a pay-per-service model
  • Business analytics to keep track of and improve your talent acquisition
  • Skill-based recommendations
  • Exclusive edicational partners
  • Cost and time saving

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TINKR will be online in september

But we are already here to help you attract the right talent

Exclusive lunches

We offer exclusive lunches with the best IT-talents. Contact us now if you want to apply

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We offer 40 companies to apply for TINKR Beta. Are you interested in this unique opportunity? Contact us now.

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