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We believe that if you do what you’re good at, you thrive. Therefore, we bring IT students and companies together, by investigating who they are, what they want and what they need. We are shaking up the recruitment and education landscape because we believe in an inclusive world. A world where you can develop your skills and competencies and get rewarded for it. A world where the best possible match is just around the corner. Welcome to TINKR, the career buddy for IT-students.

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We use the (learning) history of TINKR students to keep matching them to vacancies that fit their skills with unparalleled accuracy. We reward personal development to keep students motivated and hungry for more. Via TINKR tokens our students are kept motivated and actively engaged. Students are able to earn TINKR Tokens by participating actively in the TINKR community. With the TINKR Tokens, they can buy themselves gifts like laptops, insurances or even their driving license.

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We connect students, education and the job market by skill-based matching and in-time free courses that fit the job market. TINKR connects by using a unifying European Skills, Competencies, Qualifications and Occupations framework called ESCO. ESCO provides a common reference terminology, which can be understood across the whole of Europe. The student's profiles are formed by collecting data from the history of the student. We work closely with universities, researchers and field experts.

Meet our team
Quincy Dalh
Chief Energy Officer
Thiemo van Rossum
Millen Mortier
Kishan Nirghin
Tess Heijnis
Operations & Design
Rik Bakker
Customer Succes Manager

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Vossiusstraat 20
1071 AD Amsterdam

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